We bring together specialist expertise to design, customize and integrate eating quality solutions for meat industry clients around the world ..Dr Rod Polkinghorne OAM

Our Services

  • Project Management 

  • Trial Design

  • Bench-marking

  • Consumer Sensory Research

  • EQ Data Analysis

  • Quality Prediction Modelling

  • Collaborative International Research

Research & Development

  • Customized Programs to support staff in EQ

  • Mentoring young people within projects

  • Support for Post-Grad. Meat Science Research

  • International Collaboration

Capability Development

Collaboration with industry leaders, experts and scientists to develop strategy and policy for the meat industry worldwide

Industry Development

  • Analysis of Current Product Quality

  • Branding Strategies

  • EQ Implementation Plans

Strategic Planning

  • Application of EQ principles to value-added products

  • Trial design and implementation in collaboration with global experts


  • Meat Science Toward 2030

  • Australian Beef Language 'White Paper'

  • Collaborative Global Eating Quality Databank

Current Initiatives

Transition to Value Based Marketing (VBM)

  • Grading

  • Modelling

  • Systems

  • EQ Brands

  • EQ Optimisation

Program Design & Facilitation

  • Customization of EQ software to underpin branding strategies

EQ Software & Licensing